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Hosted on a forum or website, a weekly tournament would be held, picking a celebrity (from film would work best) to work from. Users would then take part in the competition, styling their hair from a character that the actor/actress has portrayed in any of their roles. The person who achieves the closest/most accurate or best result wins, and blogs a short tutorial on how they managed to reach the full effect. If the celebrity was Brad Pitt for example, users could choose to style their...

by robert2hutton
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A lot of us often see a hairstyle we like, but aren't necessarily sure if it would look good on us. A simple tracking software could be created to help us decide which is the look for us! Users simply would plug in their webcam and would be able (via the tracking software - effectively placing a variety of hairstyles on the users head in real-time) to choose what looks best. Webcam software like this already exists, such as the freeware ManyCam. Creating a software specific for hair style...

by robert2hutton
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Everyone hates a bad hair day. For those ballsy enough to embrace the embarrassment, a forum could be made where users upload pictures of their terrible hair, for other users to comment on how to turn the hair-don't into a hair-do. To stop people feeling negative about puffy morning hair, or that awkward quiff you get after a night out, share simple ideas and opinions to make it positive and look more intentional. We're only human after all and everyone can have that tug-of-war moment with...

by robert2hutton
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Since no one knows your hair like yourself, you can lose sight of what might look good and get distracted by what you WANT.Having a place to post headshots of yourself and your hair and of celebrities, friends etc with hair that inspires you could give the public a chance to share their opinions of what would look awesome, without any pre-conceptions about you. This is purely about the style and what looks best for you, but could also get you thinking about doing different things with your...

by robert2hutton
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