Festival Style

Get great inspiration from festivals and gigs at the Shockwaves Festival Style site. You can see photos that people have captured live and upload your own next time you go to see music. At some festivals Shockwaves sets up connected photo booths so you can upload pics of you and your mates straightaway!
edited on Jun 21, 2013 by David Simoes-Brown

Mel Strange Jun 24, 2013

I think it would be good if you could have the photo booth at other events too, and not just festivals. Examples could be having it for the launch night of some reality-style TV shows where people could also enjoy this sort of feature.

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tinkadele Jun 24, 2013

I agree, the photo-booth could be incorporated into a number of events and then the overall feature would appeal to a wider audience.

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Gaby Jackson Jun 25, 2013

This would be so much fun! I've seen this been done as a promotional photo booth before and people were queuing to get in! It would be especially popular with younger people but you can target the people you want by the event choice. I think that another thing that could be done is to have a printer, like a normal photo booth. This would be a great reminder to everybody to check out their photos online and take part in other things happening with shockwaves

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Mel Strange Jun 25, 2013

I like the idea of it having a printer to have the photos yourself! It would be a great reminder of the event that you took the photos at! Even the ability to send it from the booth to your phone would be nice as well, actually. Although not having the printer would make people go to the website to see or get their photos, so that might encourage more interest and interaction with the website.

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monkeybear2010 Jun 26, 2013

I have to disagree because most people have camera phones and if they were at a festival, the idea of keeping a print out clean and not damaged might be difficult.

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Gaby Jackson Jun 26, 2013

I wouldn't say it was, this type of photo is really popular to the moment and cute for decoration, most people have somewhere to put it like a handbag or something. BUT i love the idea of being able to send the photo to your phone, like bump? Many people would like this so that they could share the photo on instagram or facebook

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Jenn3Jenn Jun 25, 2013

Aw, this is a great idea that I'd definitely take advantage of! I like small keepsakes like photos to remind you of the good times! Alot of people I know forget/don't bring cameras for safety reasons to gigs/festivals so this would definitely be an advantage for those that still want to capture the moment! And ties in nicely with the 'shockwaves is a fun, carefree brand' :)

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CatR Jun 25, 2013

Really like this idea cause youd have the pictures from it and theyll be displayed online you could have like little accessories which the people using the photobooth could use to dress up in like hats and stuff for a laugh and really make it exciting, i can definitely see people at festivals going up and doing it for sure, i would love something like this. I always have a little disposable at festivals but this just adds to the fun and promotes shockwaves in a positive, fun light.

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monkeybear2010 Jun 26, 2013

I'm not into festivals although as a few of my friends are, I have seen some pictures of people who have gone crazy with their hair and especially with colours, so I see how this might have some appeal.

What makes me question this idea is the belief that after a few days at a festival, people may care less about their own hygiene and also their hair, so this might slowly kill of this idea.

I also wonder how unusual and interesting the uploaded photos may be - I would expect some people to have crazy hairstyles so this wouldn't interest me if I saw it which is in contrast to a solicitor in a court room having one

I have to vote this idea down because I think it is limited in scope and even though some people might take part, it could be very boring and not do anything for shockwaves as a brand and in terms of sales too.

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