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Shockwaves used to sponsor the NME Music awards. Sponsoring a big music event is probably a bit dated now. But how about Sponsoring all the hairstyles at the next MTV music awards or getting the next load of XFactor finalists to jazz up their head with some Shockwaves amazingness so people start wondering who is helping them with their outrageous hair art? Or, for that matter, sticking Simon Cowells lips together with a load of hair wax.
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BeckyC Jun 21, 2013

I don't think it's really that dated to sponsor music events because people still take notice but I agree that it won't have the same impact as using it because it'll show the brand being used in real life so people will be more inclined to look at it!

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tinkadele Jun 20, 2013

Hahaha @ "...sticking Simon Cowells lips together with a load of hair wax." I really think that this is a brilliant idea because not only will it be incredibly eye-catching, it will also get people be discussing Shockwaves in the social sphere!

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monkeybear2010 Jun 22, 2013

I wouldn't say it was dated either although the twist you mention sounds brilliant and it would make shockwaves stand out compared to the traditional way that this sponsorship is carried out :)

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Mel Strange Jun 23, 2013

Sponsoring part of a major music event such as Glastonbury or Reading and Leeds festival might help to get the Shockwaves brand more into the minds of people as well because it means that they'll be seen as cool by people that support the bands they're seeing live as well.

A somewhat alternative idea to this could be to have Shockwaves sponsor a music channel, so whenever adverts come on that channel between music videos (particularly on certain shows) the 'sponsored by Shockwaves' advert would come up.

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BeckyC Jun 24, 2013

I agree, I think something like Glastonbury is seen as a cool and up to date event so anyone that sponsors the event would be looking at the same kind of people that the event attracts! So as long as it's an event that welcomes the target consumers then I think people would take notice.

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