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Shockwaves would bring promotions, vouchers and competitions directly to people via social networks so that they never miss out again.
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tinkadele Jun 20, 2013

Promotions/vouchers/competitions appear to be a winner with the Shockwavers in this community, which makes sense! :) This certainly is one way to keep making social media relevant to hair, similar to how I suggested an exclusive shop with discounts on Facebook. Exclusives delivered via social media helps to make you feel better connected and valued as a 'follower'.

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and free crap yo! (as per

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monkeybear2010 Jun 20, 2013

exactly! but it's important to remember the message here is about staying in touch with the consumer too and that social networks can play a big part in making "free crap" widely known and attractive "free crap"

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Jenn3Jenn Jun 22, 2013

As someone who already is a 'fan' of a lot of brands/companies my home page seems to continuously be a stream of advertisements. After a while it just gets boring. It's a good way to advertise yes, but people get sick of seeing it, especially if its re-posted several times. It would have to really stand out for me to take notice as it is never ending.

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monkeybear2010 Jun 22, 2013

good point Jenn and I think if shockwaves were to make this work, they would have to make sure they don't go overboard on the messages and also make the messages they send out worth reading

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