Augmented Hair Reality

Users will be able to submit a picture of the place where they are planning to attend or similar (i.e. party, shopping centre) and also use their webcam to transmit an image of them onto the picture with no hassle and only in a few steps. They will then have the option to make it 3D, zoom in and check out new angles to see if the style they are thinking of will suit the occasion. Users can also store images for future use which is great when they don't know what look they want to go for as it gives them a chance to look through a few and decide what they fancy going for.
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First thought, bananas. second thought - I actually rather like this idea....imagine you are going to an interview the next day - you can put on the outfit and do the hair etc then submit picture to a picture of a boardroom or business convention to check that you'll fit in - or stand out. You'd need loads of stock pictures too, e.g. posh weddings, parties, different work scenarios, schools etc etc, but it might be a useful tool for the under confident person. I'm voting up.

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