Disaster Zone

Most people at some point will have experienced a hair disaster and now it is time to share it with the world and also discover that it probably wasn't as bad as someone elses! People will also be able to vote for the worst via social networking sites and the winner will receive a prize and a complete styling hamper
edited on Jun 20, 2013 by monkeybear2010

tinkadele Jun 20, 2013

This is pretty much the same idea as the "The Hair Wall of Shame" (Here: just with the social networking and prize added in to the mix. Voting systems and prizes are always a good way to attract people and get them involved.

Reply 2 Jun 20, 2013

yes, I agree with Tinkadele, this is much like the wall of shame. Any other ideas what one could do with ones terrible hair do?

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monkeybear2010 Jun 20, 2013

it would be interesting for users to submit their disasters as a challenge for other participants to then go away, decide a remedy/correct style and submit it as the solution

Reply 0 Jun 22, 2013

HI Everyone, the basic concept for this one is a bit duplicatey (yes that is a word, now) but it's moved on with the idea above of suggesting improvements and corrections - I like that addition if disasterous hair is going to be a theme to take forward.

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