Virtual Hairdresser

Plug in your webcam and go on a date with a virtual hairdresser. Explain your problem (and show them if necessary) and they will give top tips or direct you to websites that designers upload videos too, to boost your ideas and confidence! The virtual hairdresser will also tell you how amazing you look, because everyone likes a compliment right? :)
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Katie100 Jun 19, 2013

yes, like it - when I read the title I thought you were going to write, put webcams in hair dressers and you could type in your hair details and face shape, and watch someone somewhere that matches have a hair cut or do that you could have yourself if you like it - sort of thing. You'd pick up tips on how to use shockwaves maybe too. could be fun live, or films on youtube.

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Mel Strange Jun 20, 2013

This sounds like the agony aunt or uncle idea, and I think it could definitely work alongside it or as an alternative!

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monkeybear2010 Jun 20, 2013

I think this is a good idea because it helps give people tips and cuts down on the nightmare of searching google for websites which may help as it provides links.

When I first read it, I assumed that you meant that people could use their webcam to access a virtual hairdresser and I thought that to keep costs low and make sure that everyone can access this service anytime, I think it would have to be automated rather than a live one. If it was possible to log on and have a programme talk to you there and then and give accurate feedback, this would be brilliant.

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robert2hutton Jun 21, 2013

Great idea! I think this could be beneficial for a lot of people. :)

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