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Shockwaves could run competitions to select a few people to under go a hair transformation. Get people to submit their name and a picture and then Shockwaves could show their before and after hairstyles!
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tinkadele Jun 19, 2013

Everyone loves a makeover and it would be great to see what changes they would make to their hairstyle! I imagine this would be very rewarding for the participants and the brand.

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BeckyC Jun 19, 2013

Plus you could get people to vote on who they wanted to see made over to involve people a bit more!

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Mel Strange Jun 19, 2013

They could utilize the idea that people could make over their friends as well and upload the photos to Shockwaves, with some sort of reward for the best makeover each month (even 10% off your next purchase)

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BeckyC Jun 19, 2013

Yeah that could work too, plus then they wouldn't have to fork out for someone to get made over! I think people would rather see a professional version, but this would be quite amusing too!

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Katie100 Jun 19, 2013

Maybe the transformations are just so good that they could turn this into a kind of game, you have to pair the before with the right after - or y'know those official school photos with everyone all together, maybe you have to find the befores in the photo to win a prize or rewards sort of thing?

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BeckyC Jun 19, 2013

Haha that would be funny! Yeah I like the idea of that, I think when companies use games to involve the public it always works well!

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Mel Strange Jun 23, 2013

I love the idea of turning it into a game! I think it would involve the fans a lot more! Some people may feel self conscious about putting up their own photos but would enjoy playing a game with other people's.

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monkeybear2010 Jun 22, 2013

great idea! would be perfect for highlighting just what shockwaves can do for you :D

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