Hairspiration Board

We all love to pin our photos on the board-on-the-wall to showcase our best memories, inspirations and celebrities... now Shockwaves would create an inspiration board of their own for members to upload their own hairstyles with the option to click for more information on 'how-to-do', where and when you rocked the hairstyle and/or who inspired your look.
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BeckyC Jun 17, 2013

Linking this in with the other idea you had, the people that are most active / best styles / ideas could gain more Shockpoints!

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tinkadele Jun 17, 2013

I agree, these two ideas fuse together nicely! ^5

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Katie100 Jun 17, 2013

I like this because you could then take this on your mobile to the hairdressers with you - THIS is what I want...

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tinkadele Jun 17, 2013

It's definitely something that would benefit from being accessed on multiple devices.

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BeckyC Jun 24, 2013

I agree, I'd not thought about it like that, but it would definitely be beneficial to have it across multiple devices so you can transport your ideas!

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monkeybear2010 Jun 22, 2013

Good idea and it sounds visually pleasing and also practical in that you can learn how to make the styles you see and like :)

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