Process and Prizes

The Style Community is a pop-up community that the Shockwaves Team has set up to find new and better ways of communicating with people like you on line.  

The launch date is Monday 10th June and the process will continue for three weeks until Friday 28th June.  Here's how it's going to work: 

Phase 1 - Insight.  Reactions to things we've heard people say about online hair. 

Phase 2 - Ideas.  Your ideas about how Shockwaves could communicate on line. 

Phase 3 - Innovations.  You vote and build on concepts our designers have whipped up.

Little prizes

We're going to give away lots of prizes of hair products at each stage.  The first 50 active sign-ups will get a free hair product (so you'll need to fill in your profile, vote or comment).  Then you'll get prizes for being the most active in the community, making the most comments or having the best ideas depending on the stage of the process.  


At the end of the community the top 3 best ideas, top 3 most active contributors and the top 3 most supportive commenters will each get £100 of i-tunes vouchers so hang on in there!  

The Shockwaves Team 

(NB Maximum is 1 £100 voucher per member)