About The Style Community


Welcome to The Style Community

This community is Shockwaves own place for discussing opinions and finding great ideas. Your views and new thoughts could become real innovations we take forwards. 

The Style Community is a sociable and democratic place. You can post responses to challenges that appear here and you're welcome to vote and comment on ideas too. 

You'll notice that on the home page there is a specific challenge. This will change from time to time so please check in regularly to see what's occuring.  

Here's how to shine in the community

1.  FIll in your personal profile. Upload a picture too - avatars aren't encouraged as everyone likes to know who they're talking to. Adjust your settings such as email notifications to suit your life. 

2.  Then click on the challenge to see a short briefing.  

3.  Have a look at what others have written to orientate yourself. Vote for ideas that strike a chord with you.  

4.  Add a comment or two to others' ideas or their comments especially if you have some relevant experience or expertise. 

5.  Look out in your email inbox for people voting for your ideas or replying to your comments.  

See you online!

The Shockwaves Team 

ps. the community is being run by our friends at 100%Open/Catalyx Katie, Guy and David so give them a virtual wave when you see them.