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Prizes Galore!

Posted by Katie100 (Admin) Jun 21, 2013

What a week it's been in the Shockwaves Style Community, we've had so many great ideas - if you're new here please take a look round - we'd love to know what you think of everything that's been posted up so far. 

Apart from EthanN, our random active user who won £100 of iTunes vouchers, there's this list below, who have done us proud with their ideas, comments and votes on the site so far. 

A huge thank you then to: 

(deep breath...)

Robert Anderson, jamiep, Nick LoBuglio, LongHair, Hair today, gone 2moro, MsHopey, zsivaja, Kathryn86, TPL, NicoleHall, LeeWatling, amandas, tinkadele, BeckyC, ChrisHazell, EthaN, michaaspden6, RifatChowdhury, gabyjackson4, CatR. cocolgooh, Jenn3Jenn, neddrick98, Keira Anderson, monkeybear2010.
You'll be getting an email from us soon to ask for your details so we can send you some product, and if you introduced someone else to the site, who's also posted an idea or commented, or voted, then extra product for you and your invetee. 
See you on the site!
The Shockwaves Team


Posted by David Simoes-Brown (Admin) Jun 11, 2013

Hi there and thanks for joining the Shockwaves Style Community.  

Here over the course of the next three weeks we will be talking about everything to do with hair on line and coming up with new ideas for the way Shockwaves communicates.  

This is a chance to have your voice heard and have an influence.  Plus, there are lots of prizes to be won by creative and helpful people so come back often!

Please take a few minutes to fill out your profile and upload a photo if you like.  

We hope you enjoy your experience and see you on line!


The Shockwave Team 


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